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Thanksgiving is over

November 30, 2009

The yearly weight gain has begun. I’m going to have to fast for two weeks to break even. Oh well, it’s back to work. if you’re doing some shipping this holiday season, and who isn’t, you might be using our shipping labels. It’s not too hard to add graphics to make the labels look good.
If you use Microsoft Word 2007, here’s how you do it.
Click on the Mailings tab, between the References and Review tabs.
Then click on Labels in the Create panel on the left.
The Envelopes and Labels dialogue box should pop up. Here is where you’ll select your label layout.
One choice for shipping label could be the Avery 5164 which has 6 labels per page and each label is 4″ X 3-1/3″.
Click on “Label”, and another dialog box will pop up and you can choose “Avery US Letter” in the “Label vendors” drop down selection box. Then choose 5164 in the “Product number” box. Click OK.
You’ll see that a picture of the label you selected appear in the Label panel.
Then click “New Document”.
At this point, you’ll have a blank document formatted to print Avery 5164 labels. To insert pictures, just click on the “Insert” tab. Then click on Picture. Choose the picture you want to insert. Once the picture is inserted, you’ll want to format the picture. Click on “Position” in the Format Tab. There are lots of options at this point, I could write pages of instructions because I’m only guessing what you need.
If you need high quality low cost labels, check out . Our equivalent to the Avery 5164 laser label is the Maco ML-0600. You can check it out here:

Corn Bread recipes

November 25, 2009

Whats with the Corn Bread Recipes and Stuffing Recipes you say? Well, it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, and there’s just about nobody working out there today. So here are some links for Corn Bread & other Stuffing for your Turkey.
Southwester Gluten Free cornbread Dressing
Tasty Stuffing Recipes
10 Recipes the Pundits Love
Happy Thanksgiving to all of our customers from

The dow is down 58 points

November 24, 2009

All the more reason to save with Maco Labels . You’ve got to squeeze every penny of value for every product your buying. If you haven’t yet tried our Laser labels or Inkjet Labels, now is the time. We have label sizes that are compatible with Avery Labels sizes.

Manipulating Graphics in Word

November 23, 2009

Have you ever placed graphics in a word document, and formatted it so that the graphic appears behind the text, and then you can’t figure out how to select it? Well, you can select the clip art. Here’s how. Select the Home tab at the top left. Then select “Select” all the way on the right. It’s right under Find and Replace. Then select “Objects”. Once you do that, you’ll see you can click on and manipulate the graphics. I just used this to select a graphic in one of our Avery 5160 Equivalent Laser labels, at .
Here’s an example of graphics on a label layout:

Printing a few labels at at time?

November 20, 2009

If you’re printing a few labels at at time and want to re-use the sheet with the unused labels, here are some tips.
For example, if your using the Maco ML-3000 that is compatible with the Avery Label Avery 5160, after printing a few labels, you’ll have a sheet of labels with one or two labels taken off the the page. Make sure you print the labels at the bottom of the page so that when you print the next few labels, you can feed the used page of labels with the unused labels first into the printer.
If you’re using an Inkjet printer, just make sure that the labels are not at all peeling off. If you run a sheet through an Inkjet printer too many times, the labels might start peeling off because of the tight paths the paper takes around the rollers. This could become a huge problem and get stuck on the print head, and can ruin the print head and the carriage motor.
If you’re using a laser printer, running a page of labels through a few times can cause several problems. One problem is that the overexposure to the heat from the fuser can cause the labels to peel and jam in the fuser. Inspect your labels before feeding them through multiple times. Laser printers also leave a layer of toner on the whole page. It’s normally not noticeable if you’re printing just one page, one time, but if your printing one page multiple times, the page will become darker and darker with each successive print. If you have an old printer, the darkening problem will be more severe.

OpenOffice ML-0600 Template, and Microsoft Word Template

November 19, 2009

Here is another OpenOffice ML-0600 template and a Microsoft word ML-0600 template that is compatible with the Avery Label Template for the Avery Label Ave 5164.

Dumbells aren’t just for Ahhhnald

November 18, 2009

If you sell jewelry, you’ll appreciate our dumbbell labels, and more dumbbell labels

Avery Labels doesn’t have these

November 13, 2009

Our customers love our ML-0400 quarter sheet shipping labels. Don’t bother looking for the same layout in an Avery Label, you won’t find one. Avery doesn’t make it.

Did you ever notice?

November 11, 2009

That the Yankees players don’t have their names on their jerseys!
I think they need Name tags . They’re compatible with the Avery name badge 5395 label layout.

Indexing is fun

November 6, 2009

This product is great for you organizers out there. Our Maco ML-8576 index cards is perfect for your index card needs. Just type up some index cards in OpenOffice and run these babys through your printer, and organize away!