Help for Sarah Palin

At the tea party convention the other day, Sarah had to refer to what people are now calling her Palm Pilot. She scribbled her notes on her hand so she would be prepared for answering questions.
Check it out:
Sarah Palin Hand Scribble
Well, we are here to help. Sarah, why should you dirty your pretty little hand. Just print one of our palm print background labels, and when you’re done with the interview, just rip it off and throw it out. Each sheet is good for 30 speeches. That makes 30 X $100,000 which is $3 million bucks, SWEET!
The template is for ML-3000 labels. Here are the labels in Word.:
Sarah Palin Palm Helper Labels, ML-3000 template, Avery 5160 tempate

And Sarah? You’re welcome!

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