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Label Application tips

May 4, 2010

If you’re doing a mailing using the ML-3000, here are a few tips to make your mailing easier. Looking at the ML-3000, you’ll notice that there are perforations between each of the three columns. Separating these columns makes peeling the labels from the page much easier.
ML-3000, compatible with Avery 5160

If you’re using the ML-0200 half sheet labels, don’t peel the label off of the sheet, peel the backing sheet off of the label. That way the paper won’t curl so much, and will be easier to apply.
ML-0200, Avery doesn't make these babies


Super Saver Wins!

May 3, 2010

Now it’s going to be impossible to get an endorsement deal with Super Saver. Super Saver and his jockey Calvin Borel won the Kentucky Derby.

Super Saver

Now check out these super savers:

Maco ML-2000, Avery 5161