MS-1648 Template

If you find that you absolutely need to run small sheeted labels through your printer, there are some things you need to know.
While some printers can accommodate the printing of small sheeted labels, in general we do not recommend printing small sheeted labels because many of them are of the removable type and many inkjet and laser printers have printer paths with very small turning radii and high temperatures. These conditions could lead to labels being separated from the sheet in the printer, possibly damaging the printer. To add to those problems, a great percentage of inkjet and laser printers are not capable of printing the top or bottom labels due to printer margin limits.

If you know that your printer can handle these small sheets, and you do need to create some templates, here are some directions for creating a template. Our example below is for the MS-1648 series of labels. This includes the MS1648-A1, MS1648-GG, MS1648-LB, MS1648-OG, MS1648-RG, & the MS1648-YG.

Here is an example of an MS-1648 template in MS Word 2007. Just follow the the numbers in red by clicking the on the circles in Word. Then just click OK in each one of the windows.

MS-1648 Template

And here is the final product:

MS-1648 Template

Make sure you change the Page size to 3.125 wide by 6.5″ long in the printer properties box before you print.

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