Here’s a neat address label design

One of my favorite sites is John Lemasney’s website. He shows what’s possible in the wonderful world of Inkscape. While Inkscape is not Illustrator, it still is very powerful, and free.
So I’m thinking, what address label would have space for an address and also possibly need some nice borders to make it look nicer. I picked the ML-1000. It’s a 4″ X 2″ label that’s got the space that begs for som artwork. It’s actually a pretty popular address label. Some folks try to save money by packing their address information onto a smaller label like the ML-3000, because you get 30 labels on the page for the ML-3000. I guess when you get 3 times the number of labels, that’s nothing to sneeze at cost-wise. Still sometimes there is a need for artsiness. (I don’t think that’s a word).

Here’s a little sumpn sumpn I whipped up in Inkscape, and plopped in to Microsoft Word 2007.

ML-1000 with flourishes, same layout as Avery 5163

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