Inkscape – How to make a cut out of a pattern

When designing label templates, have you ever needed to cut a shape out of an existing shape? Chances are, the answer is going to yes. If not, maybe you can just read on and maybe learn something new. I created two basic shapes in Inkscape (you’ll need it to edit the images). The first shape I created was the green square. The second shape I created was a Yellow star. If you need to view the picture below in more detail, right click on the picture and select “View Image”.


The next step is to select the two objects. It doesn’t matter the order in which you select them. To select, click on the cursor at the top left of the picture, then click on one item, then hold the shift key down and select the next item. Then, as in the above picture, click on Path, then select Difference. The result is below.


Then, you can do whatever you want to the picture after that. Use the “Edit Paths by Nodes” feature to really have fun. Click on the pointer icon below the cursor icon at the left to edit the paths by nodes.



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