Seeing the Label

Got a call from a customer yesterday. They were using our ML-5000 label. It’s the UPC barcode label. People use it for all kinds of different things, not just UPC barcodes. She said there was a problem with the template. The Microsoft Word template was blank. I refrained from asking if she was sure, because it’s just not good form, maybe we made a mistake and put up the ML-0100 layout in place of the ML-5000. So I downloaded the ML-5000 template. I opened it up and it looked fine. I could see all the labels outlined with the blue dashed lines as usual. Hmmm. What to do, what to do. Ah, I told her just to see if the cells were really there, and just to click randomly on the page and start typing. Sure enough she said, yup the cells were there, she just wasn’t seeing the label on the template. Ok, now where has Microsoft 2003 hidden the view cell boarders feature? ……..Found it. It’s under Table Tools, Design, Borders, View Gridlines. So easy. Wuh? Gotta love Word.

ML-5000 template Grid lines


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