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Labels for Halloween

October 29, 2010

There’s a partay goin on right here! A celebration that’ll last throughout the year. Ok, I’m ripping off Cool and the Gang, but if you’ve got a party, and need to get word out before Halloween this Sunday, why not slap a full sheet label together and put it up in a prominent place. With some good designs and proper placement, you’ll be sure to have a great party. Just go easy on the free flowing alcohol. Cheap alcohol and large gatherings of people have been known to be not such a good combination.

Download a copy of Inkscape if you want to mess around with the flier.

Halloween party flier full sheet label ML-0100

ML-0100, or ML-1000?

October 5, 2010

We just had a customer order ML-1000’s, the address labels. The problem is that they wanted ML-0100’s, the full sheet label. It’s not an uncommon mistake. Just transpose the 1 and you’ve got you’re mistake. It’s not that one can’t tell the difference between the numbers, it’s just a mistake that’s all. It’s happened now and then over the years. In our job, we have to be mind readers. We always have to look at the order, then look at what the customer has ordered and see if the customer has ever ordered that product. If it does happen, it’s a lose lose situation. We lose out on shipping, and the customer loses out on time, and perhaps an important deadline.
So please be careful when ordering products and double check your part numbers, and we’ll do some quality control on our side and ask more questions. 🙂

Printing Labels and conserving ink

October 5, 2010

If you have an Inkjet printer you know how expensive ink cartridges are. The printers can be very cheap. They can come with a high quality color scanner, and can double as a copy machine. It’s pretty incredible the kind of printer you can get for the money…but we all know where the real money is. It’s in the ink. Liquid gold some call it. The first place to start to try to save money is in the print quality settings. In many instances when printing address labels, conserving ink will go a long way in saving money. As a default on your printer, change the printer properties to a print quality setting of Fast/Economical. Printing labels does not often require that you have a high quality print setting.
Of course just getting a black and white laser printer will greatly reduce the cost of printing supplies. 🙂 And of course our home page items are all inkjet and laser compatible, so either way, you’re good.