ML-3000 Address Labels

November 15, 2010

There are lots of great things about the ML-3000 labels. They are high quality, lignin free, and acid free. They really stick well to envelopes and paper, and are perfect for printing a lot of address on. One thing you might not have noticed are the perforations between each of the columns. If you’re printing and peeling a ton of labels, you’ve got to find things to cut down on time spent messing with getting the labels off of the sheet. I know there are many mail houses out there that have their own little methods to make things speed along. Well, these perforations really help. Just fold along the perforations, and tear the columns away from each other. Having the columns of label being separated is a huge help. Rather than handling a full sheet and trying to get the labels off the big sheet, taking labels off the individual columns is so much easier. So take advantage of the perfs, and get our ML-3000 labels.

ML-3000 with perforations

3/4″ Diameter labels

November 9, 2010

Ok, I know we just posted on this subject a few posts ago, but we got a few more calls on making a template for the MR-1212 labels. They are on small sheets, and the labels are removable. They are marketed as non-machinable, or for hand written applications only, but folks have been printing on them. There are some that will have no problem printing this label, but there are some printers for which the labels might become detached, so we don’t recommend you use a printer to print on these labels unless you know the labels will not come off in the printer. We whipped up a quick template, and you’ll have to adjust the cell margins and such for your application. So if you know your printer can handle these labels, here is template:

MR-1212, color coding labels, 3/4

6 up shipping label

November 8, 2010

Templates are easy to make when you’ve got the tools. In this day and age, everyone should have the tools. These tools include Inkscape and the Gimp Learning to use these tools will take some time, but the payoff is high. Here’s an ML-0600 6 up shipping label template that I created using those tools.

6 up shipping label

Procrastination of Address Label Purchases

November 5, 2010

Don’t procrastinate, order your address or shipping labels before 2pm on Fridays. If you wait til after that time, there won’t be enough time to get your labels to the shipping bay, and they’ll be sitting there the whole weekend with nothing to do. Like a college student abandoned in a dorm room for the weekend because all of his friends have gone home, and his parents were too far away to bring him home.
Our labels are high quality and low cost, and we ship our labels with reliable but low cost shippers including Fedex Ground, to save you cash. When Fedex gets to us, they’re usually moving like gangbusters. These guys work hard to get things in and out as fast, and for as little dough as possible. Don’t make your labels wait the whole weekend in the shipping bay, order now.

Quarter Sheet Shipping Label

November 4, 2010

The quarter sheet shipping label can be used in lieu of the 6 up ML-0600 shipping label. Maybe you have a big logo, or maybe the customers that you’re shipping to have huge address lines, and it’s just too crowded on the ML-0600.

ML-0400, quarter sheet shpping label

There’s plenty of breathing room on the ML-0400, it’s dimensions are 4-1/4″ X 5-1/2″, and it’s on an 8-1/2″ X 11″ sheet. Just be aware that the labels do not have any margins. The label goes all the way to the edge of the page. You might be designing a logo that goes too near the edge of the page without paying attention to the physical limitations of the margins of the printer.

Color Coding Labels

November 3, 2010

We field so many calls regarding templates for our small sheeted labels. Many customers have successfully printed on the small sheeted labels like the MR-1212, however, these labels are marketed as non-machinable labels. That means they’re designed for hand printed applications, which is why we don’t supply templates for them.
They are removable labels, and many printers have tight printer path radii. This means that when the paper goes through the printer, the paper is sometimes bent around rollers that have a small diameter, and there is a chance that the labels can come off in the printer. Obviously, if you’re not handy with printers, and even if you are, this can be a major problem. If the labels come off in the printer, they can stick to the fuser or toner surfaces in laser printers, or they can get stuck on the inkjet print head. Now, we’ve never fielded a call from a customer who’s gotten a label stuck in the printer before, but it can happen. If you are going to print on the small sheeted labels, your best shot is to use a printer that has a straight through printer path.

White Color Coding Label 3/4

Election Day Name Badge Labels

November 2, 2010

You think I’m gonna talk about Republicans and Democrats. Sadly no, that’s not the case. I voted already, very early this morning, and I really don’t want to hear any more about Republicans or Democrats, or candidates. I’m on overload.
I’ll be talking about labels on this election day. Specifically name badge labels. We had a customer call us and tell us our labels were not sticking to their clothes. He said they were using the name badge labels in a very high rent area in town, and a great majority of the users were wearing leather jackets. Our Name badge labels are meant for the most common materials that clothes are made of, but unfortunately this excludes certain materials like leather, suede, velvet, corduroy, silk, vinyl, or plastic. Usually when name badge labels are used, they are used in an intimate setting. You’d normally have your jacket or coat off, maybe sitting at a conference table, or at a breakfast or lunch or dinner table. You know, most of the time you wouldn’t be wearing a jacket. So take off your leather jackets folks. So just a little buyer beware there. Forewarned is forearmed.

Post Halloween Sugar High

November 1, 2010

My 18 year old still goes trick or treating, seriously. And I’m not discouraging her from going either. Hey, I get to mooch off of her for a change. Free candy. I like a lot of stuff she doesn’t. I like the dark chocolate, she likes the milk chocolate. I like the Necco Wafers, she likes Twizzlers. I like York Peppermint Patties, she likes Tootsie Rolls. Needless to say, my blood sugar right now is what you call high. I have hummingbirds buzzing me sniffing the sugar oozing out of my pores. It’s not a good situation.

Right now I feel like Augustus Gloop:

Augustus Gloop

All this sugar consumption, and so close to the elections? Very suspicious. I have a theory. I think that elections are affected adversely by people who vote with high blood sugar levels. People are going to the polls under the influence of sugar. Just look at the state of our country, the economy is in the tank, unemployment is high. Blame it on the sugar.

What does this has to do with labels? Hmmm. gimmie a minute, I’ll tie it in somehow.
OK, I’ve got it. Wait, no. Ok, wait. Ok, here goes. No, that’s no good. Ok, now I’ve really got it. Elections. Somebody has to win the elections tomorrow on election day. If you’re Republican, use our ML-3000 address labels to do mass mailings to Democrats and Independents in your neighborhood and convince them to vote Republican. If you’re a Democrat, you’d use our labels to mail out convincing reasons to vote for Democrats to Republicans and Independents. Hurry up, you’ve only got a few hours.

Labels for Halloween

October 29, 2010

There’s a partay goin on right here! A celebration that’ll last throughout the year. Ok, I’m ripping off Cool and the Gang, but if you’ve got a party, and need to get word out before Halloween this Sunday, why not slap a full sheet label together and put it up in a prominent place. With some good designs and proper placement, you’ll be sure to have a great party. Just go easy on the free flowing alcohol. Cheap alcohol and large gatherings of people have been known to be not such a good combination.

Download a copy of Inkscape if you want to mess around with the flier.

Halloween party flier full sheet label ML-0100

ML-0100, or ML-1000?

October 5, 2010

We just had a customer order ML-1000’s, the address labels. The problem is that they wanted ML-0100’s, the full sheet label. It’s not an uncommon mistake. Just transpose the 1 and you’ve got you’re mistake. It’s not that one can’t tell the difference between the numbers, it’s just a mistake that’s all. It’s happened now and then over the years. In our job, we have to be mind readers. We always have to look at the order, then look at what the customer has ordered and see if the customer has ever ordered that product. If it does happen, it’s a lose lose situation. We lose out on shipping, and the customer loses out on time, and perhaps an important deadline.
So please be careful when ordering products and double check your part numbers, and we’ll do some quality control on our side and ask more questions. 🙂