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Microsoft Word Graphics Copying

June 25, 2010

In Microsoft Word, when you’re putting graphics on labels like the ML-3000, and you want to duplicate it quickly, the most straightforward way to do that is by using the control key as you drag the item you need to copy. Select the graphic and hold the left mouse button down while holding the control key down at the same time, then simply move the graphic to the new desired position. This is done in lieu of copy and pasting. So to make copies of a graphic on an ML-3000, first do the copies across, then select the row of 3 graphics and do the drag copy downwards once. Then select the top two rows that you now have and drag copy them downwards, and so on and so forth. It takes no time to create a ton of nice templates.

ML-3000 Multi Colored Star Label Template, also same as Avery 5160 template

SVG is cool. ie. Inkscape is cool

June 17, 2010

If you don’t know anything about SVG, know this, it’s different than raster graphics, and stuff like bitmaps or jpgs or gifs. With SVG, you can zoom in on an SVG graphic without loss of detail. Ever try to stick a jpg graphic into a document and then resize it only to discover afterwards that the graphic has become pixellated, or fuzzy? With Inkscape (It’s FREE), you can make a little freehand drawing, then scan it, and convert it to an SVG and use the “Trace Bitmap” in the Path menu to convert the graphic into a path. Once that’s done, you can resize it without loss of detail.
Check out what I did with this little decorative swirl for an ML-3000 in inkscape.

Decorative swirls for label ML-3000

Notice even when you zoom in on the SVG, the quality is still high.

ML-3000 template, same as Avery 5160

And the final product is a nice little ML-3000 label design:

Decorative swirls for label ML-3000

Using Open Office Word Processor

June 3, 2010

is easy as 1 2 3. I went to our templates page and opened up the Microsoft Word ML-3000 template directly in Open Office Word Processor. So have no fear, whether you need an ML-3000 template or equivalent, llke the Avery 5160, just open it directly in OO. You can see from the screen shot, I’m running Ubuntu in an Oracle Virtual Machine

ML-3000 in Open Office

There is just not enough love

January 12, 2010

in the world today.

ML-3000 hearts template, same as Avery 5160

Oops I did it again.. Happy New Year

December 31, 2009

Ok, this is the last time, here are some more Happy New Year labels on an ML-3000 template. From all of us at, have a happy, healthy, and fulfilling 2010.

Happy New Year images on an Ml-3000 template, same as Avery 5160 template