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A little help from Microsoft

October 30, 2009

Maybe you’re using Microsoft Word and you’re printing some Maco ML-3000 address labels, which are comparable to Avery 5160 labels. Well there’s plenty of on line help, and lots of examples of how to print your Avery 5160 labels.
Check it out right here


Lots of Free Software

October 28, 2009

If you like free stuff (like free shipping), like we do here at, you’ll love Ubuntu Linux.  We use Ubuntu Linux here as one of our operating systems. You can find and download a ton of free software for Ubuntu that will help you do lots of things … like print Avery compatible Maco labels using a free program called OpenOffice. If you’re running Microsofts OS, Vista, you can download Ubuntu and install it on a Virtual Machine which is essentially a file on your computer that simulates another computer, so you don’t even need a separate computer to install Ubuntu on. You’ll discover a lot of fun software from file sharing to mp3 rippers to spreadsheets, databases and so much more.

Why not choose Maco Labels over Avery Labels

October 27, 2009

Why spend all that cash on Avery Labels. They really are fantastic labels. But so are Maco. If you’ve never used Maco labels, it’s time to start saving boatloads of money. Not only that, they’re just as high a quality product as Avery Labels.  Some of our customers have said that Maco Labels are even better than Avery Labels.

Avery Labels cross reference to Maco Labels front page items

October 26, 2009

Here’s a handy reference to find Avery Label part numbers if you have an equivalent Maco Label.