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Whoa, double Maco, All the Way

August 30, 2010

I saw the double rainbow video for the first time this weekend on youtube. It’s a video that some guy took of a really beautiful rainbow, in fact, a double rainbow. His commentary seems pretty normal at first, but the he goes off the tracks. You have to be patient, the payoff comes late in the video, but it’s worth it. Very entertaining. Just take a look, you’ll see. After you look at that one, check out the Autotune song version of that video.
So when I found out one of our customers was using two of our products which both happen to have two labes on each page I had to write about this double Maco…..all the way. They use the CD/DVD label, the ML-7560, and they also use the half sheet ML-0200.

Double Rainbow, All the Way

CD Labels with OpenOffice

July 30, 2010

One of the many things that OpenOffice is just great for is making layouts for CD Labels. Of course it’s great for address and shipping labels and many other things, but it’s also easy to set up a CD or DVD label in OpenOffice Draw. Keep in mind, you can’t open this document in Microsoft Word. But if you’re in OpenOffice, you can open a Microsoft Word Document. Huh. Eh, what does Microsoft care about OpenOffice. Microsoft Word is a monster. It used to be that WordPerfect had a big market share. It was actually a better program in DOS. Remember DOS? Sweet and simple. And a lot of people hated it. Remember WordPerfect 5.1? At least the WordPerfect 6 screen was a little bit more helpful:

DOS 6.0 Bluescreen

Now that was a good program. Fast sleek feature rich. Those were the days.

These day’s there are so many formats in which you can create a CD or DVD. You can create a regular audio CD, or you can create a Jukebox CD. With the Jukebox CD, you can fit a lot more songs on the CD. Just select a bunch of mp3’s and try it, it’s great.

So I put a bunch of songs on the CD, and made up a nice CD template for our ML-7850 CD label.

ML-7850 Template, CD DVD Template

Valentines Day CD / DVD template improvement

February 3, 2010

Here’s an improvement I made in Inkscape. You can make some really nice text effects, like applying text to a curve.
CD / DVD Template

Valentines Day is coming

February 2, 2010

Be prepared with some Valentines Day Themed labels. Make up a CD or DVD of your favorite love songs, and give it to your girlfriend, wife, lover, or all three.

Screenshot of Valentines Day ML-7560 template, same as Avery 5698

Pink Floyd, I love Pink Floyd

January 15, 2010

Do you have a CD that you’d just like to make a backup of? I do. My kids use my car and they’re constantly taking my CD’s out and leaving them on the seat or in the trunk unprotected. I get no respect I tell ya. Well, just make a backup copy and put your original somewhere safe. I made up a CD of my favorite Pink Floyd songs. Here’s a ML-7560 template for my Pink Floyd Animals album. It’s in OpenOffice format, so you’ll need a copy of OpenOffice. It’s totally free.

Pink Floyd Animals CD Label on ML-7560 stock, same as Avery 5698