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Printing certificates

December 18, 2009

Can you print an image of a certificate you’d like to print with a mail merge? Yes, it’s possible. When you insert the picture, make sure that the picture is formatted as behind the text. To do this, make sure the graphic is selected, then Click on the “Format” tab, then click “Picture Tools”. Click on the “Position” icon. Click on “More Layout Options”. Select the “Text Wrapping” tab. Select “Behind text”. Next click on the “Picture Position” tab, and select the Absolute position radio button, and choose Page from the “to the right of” drop down menu. Do this for both the “Horizontal” and “Vertical” picture position.
Now just insert your merge field, and you’re done.
Here’s an example: is the primary document is the spreadsheet document

We just so happen to have certificate seals (also known as Notary or Notarial seals, if you need them 🙂