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Time to do the Taxes.

April 13, 2010

It’s not so bad to be in New Jersey sometimes. At least folks in some counties will get to file their taxes on May 11. It’s just postponing the inevitable but hey, time is time. For all you other folks, April 15th is the day you need to file your taxes. If you need address labels to address you tax returns, check out our ML-3000 labels. They’re avery 5160 compatible.


If you have any Letters To God you need to mail

April 9, 2010

Don’t hesitate to use these babies:

ML-3000, Avery 5160 compatible

If you just want to know more about Letters To God, just go here

The Green, the white and the orange

March 4, 2010

Little Irish flags on an ML-3000 template.
ML-3000 Irish Flag Template, same as Avery 5160 Template

More Clovers

March 2, 2010

For St Patricks Day. You can stick up labels while you’re drinking your green beer and eating your green bagels.
ML-3000 Template with clovers for St Patricks Day, Avery 5160 compatible

Yet another ML-3000 template

January 11, 2010

Here is yet another Maco ML-3000 template:

Maco ML-3000 template, same as Avery 5160 Template

Oops I did it again.. Happy New Year

December 31, 2009

Ok, this is the last time, here are some more Happy New Year labels on an ML-3000 template. From all of us at, have a happy, healthy, and fulfilling 2010.

Happy New Year images on an Ml-3000 template, same as Avery 5160 template

Happy New Year Labels

December 29, 2009
ML-3000 same layout as Avery 5160, with Happy New Year Background

ML-3000 Same layout as Avery 5160

Christmas lights on a Maco & Avery® label template

December 15, 2009

Here is a label template with Christmas Lights. It’s an ML-3000 template that’s compatible with the Avery® 5160 label template.
Christmas Lights on Maco ML-3000, Avery® 5160 Label Template

Word Doc Columns converted to Merge Table

December 11, 2009

Among other assumptions, we assume you have Word 2007, and that you have a significant number of names so that cut and pasting would be impractical. The document could be formatted a couple of different ways. If a document has 2 columns, you can have actual columns, or things that look like columns, but are not really columns which I call pseudo columns. Pseudo columns are created like so:

Jack Frost [tab][tab][tab]Victor Frost
1 North Pole Way[tab][tab][tab]2 North Pole Way
North Pole, NJ 07601[tab][tab][tab]North Pole, NJ 07601

Bob Bright [tab][tab][tab]Maggie Moth
22 Ivan Ho Way[tab][tab][tab]393 Manlott Dr
Hackensack, NJ 07601[tab][tab][tab]San Juan, PR 00601

The [tab] represents a tab character. If you did it this way, it’s a bit messy but still workable. To fix it up you need to do a search and replace to convert all multiple tabs to single tabs so that your document will look like:

Jack Frost [tab]Victor Frost
1 North Pole Way[tab]2 North Pole Way
North Pole, NJ 07601[tab]North Pole, NJ 07601

Bob Bright[tab]Maggie Moth
22 Ivan Ho Way[tab]393 Manlott Dr
Hackensack, NJ 07601[tab]San Juan, PR 00601

Then select the whole document, and click on the “Insert” tab. Click on the “Table” icon and select “Convert Text to Table”. Make sure you have the “Paragraphs” radio button selected under the “Separate text at” section. Click OK, then you will have a table with two columns.
Next, you need to cut the second column, then paste it at the bottom of the first column. The result is that you will have two columns of data. Make sure you have a two blank cells as your last two cells in the first column. (Paste the cut column into the very last cell of the first column)
Ok, save the file as an Plain text. Make sure that you you have “MS-DOS” selected and “Insert line breaks” Selected, and “End lines with” “CR/LF” in the “File Conversion” popup window.
Ok, now open the text document in Word. You should have one column of names and addresses.
**actual column start point**
Now you have one column of names that you need to convert to a table. Do a search and replace. Replace all double paragraph marks (^p^p) with single manual page breaks (^m). Next, replace all single paragraph marks (^p) with tab (^t). Now replace all manual page breaks (^m) with manual line breaks (^l). You can now use the file as a merge file, or open the text file directly in Excel, save it as an Excel document and use it as the merge table.
Now I’ll hand it off to Microsoft for merging directions:…
The process would be much the same if you had two true columns. But first you would make the document into 1 column, and just go to the spot I marked as **actual column start point**, and continue.
Ok, so it’s not so easy, but it is the easiest way to do it in my opinion.
If you need a template for the 5164, we’ve got a few to choose from at:
Our ML-0600 is comparable to the Avery 5164 shipping label.
You could also use the data for an ML-3000 label which is Avery 5160 laser label and inkjet label compatible.

Little tiny Dreidles on an ML-3000 template, Avery 5160 Compatible

December 10, 2009

Found some tiny Dreidles to use on an ML-3000 template. Check the template out here
ML-3000, Avery 5160 compatible template with dreidle screenshot
Check out our twitter feed for holiday ribbons.